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Training Seminars

These are not your typical software training classes.

Chances are, you did not sit through a class to learn how to use your smartphone. It is more likely that you learned how to use it by having someone show you how they do certain tasks and use certain features, followed by you trying it on your phone. If you still had questions, that person was right there to answer them for you. That is the best way to learn and retain what you learn.

This class is very similar to this approach. Very hands-on. Very interactive. Very informal. They are more like you are learning a game than taking a typical, dry, lecture-heavy course. There is a lot of watching followed by trying to fly solo, with help close by so you are never stuck.

You will know how to use the software when you leave.

You will be made to think and prove to yourself that you understand.

You will have a strong foundation to build on when you return to your office.

Also unlike typical training classes, your specific interests and needs will be addressed. This is not a generic, one-size-fits-all class. Class sizes are kept small so that the topics covered will be customized to the learning needs of the attendees. You will not be trained on topics that do not pertain to people in the class. Even if you have an obscure need, time will be taken to provide you guidance.